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Unseasonable Weather Warms SoCal Shores

Would it be fair to say San Diego has "America's Finest Climate?”



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    Except for hard-core shoppers, the lure of post-Christmas bargains was no match for the great outdoors -- especially along the stretch of California coastline.

    About the only place in metro San Diego that passed for a winter wonderland was the ice rink on Horton Square, downtown. Otherwise, Dec. 26 was winter “in name only” at the beach.

    "Pretty unreal, being here right now in 70-degree weather,” said one tourist. “I just flew out of 40 degree [weather] and drizzling.”

    On the sand, the courts were alive with volleyball pplayers -- serving, digging, setting and spiking.

    Unseasonable Weather Warms SoCal Shores

    [DGO] Unseasonable Weather Warms SoCal Shores
    It was T-shirts, board shorts, bathing suits and athletic gear all around the county today.
    (Published Monday, Dec. 26, 2011)

    Karen Meyer, a Chicago resident on vacation, said the reason she is visiting San Diego was for the weather.

    "I love the fact that we can play sand volleyball out here in December -- versus in Chicago, we could only play in July or August, just the summer time frame,” she said.

    A number of surfers were enjoying the waves, which were a bit stronger than they've been lately thanks to a large swell.

    And at Belmont Park, the rides were raging and tourists marveling at such a scene taking place on the day after Christmas.

    In the water or on the water, this season can be sensational much of the time, and easy to take for granted.

    Native San Diegans may need an occasional reality check, courtesy of transplants from other climates.

    "I've spent the better part of my life waking up and shoveling snow on a day like today,” said Clairemont resident Greg Harris. “So to be out in San Diego, a day after Christmas, and to have this kind of weather with a pole in my hand -- y'know, it doesn't get any better than that."

    After a day like today, it might be fair to say San Diego has "America's Finest Climate.”