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University City Woman Recalls Jet Crash in Horror

Sunny Wu says she still hasn’t been reimbursed for her losses



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    After three years, the homes have been replaced on the street where the crash took place but the military has yet to compensate at least one of the homeowners.

    A University City woman whose home was destroyed in a Marine fighter jet crash three years ago is still trying to get the military to pay for the damage.

    Sunny Wu lost nearly everything in the crash that killed four people and destroyed two homes Dec. 8 2008.

    She remembers with sadness her four next-door neighbors who died.

    Wu says while she's grateful to be back living on Cather Ave., her life and finances are still a painful work in progress due to what happened three years ago.

    Three Years Later, Jet Crash Victim Still Has Nightmares

    [DGO] Three Years Later, Jet Crash Victim Still Has Nightmares
    Three years ago a marine fighter jet fell from the sky above a University City neighborhood killing four people and destroying two homes.
    (Published Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011)

    Like most everyone else, she watched in horror as the images of the F/A 18 crash unfolded on live Television. She soon realized it was her home that was being torched to the ground by burning jet fuel. The images are stamped in her brain.

    "When I sleep, I still dream a lot about the crash, because it's so scary and sometimes I dream my home goes and then the airplane just crashes into us," Wu said.

    Only a few belongings from before the crash remain - she brings them out every now and then: a laptop computer, a notebook and some pictures - but everything else was destroyed.

    She says her insurance was good and with savings she and her husband rebuilt bigger and better.

    But, there has been one huge disappointment:

    "We still have a case with the military; we didn't get anything from them yet."

    Wu says the government is requiring receipts or pictures of the items that were destroyed in order for them to be replaced.

    She is still fighting to get reimbursed for damages.

    "They make me so disappointed. three years still nothing happens, and I don't know what is the next three years."