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UC Workers About to Get a Raise

UC to give merit pay raises to some faculty, staff



    UC Workers About to Get a Raise
    Christie Smith
    There will be some happy campers on the Cal campus.

    Many University of California faculty and staff members will be getting their first pay raises in nearly four years.       

    In a letter to chancellors Wednesday, UC President Mark Yudof explained how departments should distribute merit pay money approved by the Board of Regents in November.

    UC spokesman Steve Montiel says $140 million will be handed out system-wide to non-union faculty and staff members who earn less than $200,000.       

    Yudof says the merit pay is needed to help retain leading academics who are being courted by competing institutions.       

    He says the university needs to compensate employees who have not received raises in almost four years and were furloughed two years ago because of budget cuts.       

    Officials say most union-covered employees got negotiated pay raises during the fiscal crisis.