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UC San Diego Holds Candlelight Vigil for UCSB Students

“We are one UC, one in our humanness, one in our joy, and one in our pain,” vigil organizers wrote



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    The vigil held near Geisel Library on the campus of UC San Diego Monday night was in honor of the victims of the Isla Vista shooting rampage and the students at UCSB.

    Students at UC San Diego showed their solidarity with their sister school UC Santa Barbara, which was rocked by the tragic Isla Vista killing rampage.

    Hundreds of UC San Diego students gathered Monday night at the base of the Geisel Library as a show of support for students impacted by Friday night’s tragedy.

    “In times like these it is invaluable to demonstrate our common humanity,” said Mina Nilchian, a UCSD graduating senior.

    Nilchian and a few friends organized a candlelight vigil through Facebook and were shocked when the online RSVP list grew to more than 2,000 attendees.

    Among the unexpected attendees: Narissa Bilar, a sophomore who attends UC Santa Barbara and came home Saturday morning frightened by the violence on her campus.

    “It was truly confusing. I was horrified. It was terrible” said Bilar, who was one of more than a dozen UC Santa Barbara students walking with hundreds of UC San Diego students Monday night.

    Holding candles, the students walked from one end of campus to the other and gathered in a quad where speakers talked from a bullhorn.

    Bilar and several of her classmates thanked the UC San Diego students for rising up to support them at a time when they desperately needed it.

    “It’s so moving to see so many of you guys come out and support our school.”

    Across the Facebook event’s feed, UCSB students and alumni thanked UC San Diego for standing by them during this difficult week.

    "I don't think words would explain how grateful I am to be a part of such a supportive college community," wrote UCSB student Kaitlyn Havlena. "No matter what school, region, or state, we all understand that the horrible events of Friday night should never happen."

    UCSB officials announced that Tuesday will be a Day of Mourning and Reflection, with classes canceled and a memorial service scheduled.

    Three UCSB students were stabbed to death Friday night by Elliot Rodger in his apartment, officials say, before he tore through the streets of Isla Vista in his black BWM, shooting into the night.

    Three more were killed, and another thirteen suffered gunshot wounds or were injured when Rodger hit them with his car.

    The gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head after a shootout with deputies, the Santa Barbara County Sheriff’s Department says.