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2 Men Found Dead in Living Room

Neighbors said they heard gunshots and called police, but no one responded



    2 Men Found Dead in Living Room

    Two men were found dead in a City Heights apartment in what investigators believe to be a murder-suicide.

    Neighbors in the apartment complex in the 3700 block of Wilson Avenue said they heard at least five gunshots early Thursday morning and called police, but no one responded.

    "I was sound asleep and I heard multiple what I believe to be gunshots," Adam Strom said. "I actually hit the floor of my bedroom because I thought they were coming through my bedroom.

    Strom said he immediately called 911 and gave the dispatcher his neighbor's address.

    Two Men Found Dead in City Heights

    [DGO] Two Men Found Dead in City Heights
    Neighbors said it they knew their neighbor was having trouble.
    (Published Saturday, Feb. 6, 2010)

    "Nothing seemed to come of it, no one made contact with me," he said.

    Another neighbor said officers did stop by.

    "They asked me if I heard the gunshots and I said yes, and then I went on to school," Steven Stuhler said.

    Still worried, Strom said he called San Diego police again Friday afternoon.

    "I said, not to be paranoid, but I know my neighbor has been having some problems with somebody and I just have a very bad feeling," he said.

    Strom said his neighbor was being stalked by an ex boyfriend. Other neighbors said the two had a violent relationship.

    "There was a lot of fighting, struggling, there was yelling." Angie Durdiev said.

    Investigators said co-workers of the man who lived in the complex asked them to check the home on Friday afternoon and that is when officers made the gruesome discovery.

    "We could see through the window that it appeared there were two males on the ground and that's why we entered the apartment to check on the welfare," Police Sgt. David Nisleit said.

    Homicide detectives are investigating the death. The names of the two men found dead have not been released by the medical examiner at this time.