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Toddler's Body Found Near Border

The toddler is not believed to be one of two children swept away in flood waters.



    Toddler's Body Found Near Border

    A gruesome discovery at the border. Investigators now believe a toddler’s body, at first thought to be one of two children swept away in flood waters last week, is that of a third unidentified child. 

    “I thought he was a doll, a rubber doll.”

    That’s what went through the mind of Ricardo Esquivias Viegas after he and his dog, Lobo, found the body of a three to four year old in Border Field Park near the U.S.-Mexico Border.

    “I saw a little boy laying straight down, the body buried in trash, his little feet buried in trash,” Esquivias said. 

    At the time of the discovery, Esquivias was volunteering with Desert Angels, an organization that helps migrants. The volunteers were looking for the bodies two children who had been the subject of intense searches last week.

    Last Wednesday night their car flipped over as the driver tried to cross a flooded Tijuana street. A pregnant mother and 10-year-old were both killed, according to Mexican authorities. A-five-year-old and two-year-old were washed away in the flood.

    “As of right now, I do not believe that this child is one of those two missing children who were lost last week,” said Sgt. Mike Leathers. 

    The identity of the child is unknown.

    “That makes me sad too, but it also makes me happy that someone else is going to find their kid,” said Esquivias, who thought he had found one of the two missing children.

    Leathers said the investigation will continue with authorities on the Mexican side of the border to help identify the body.