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Today's Awww Moment

San Diego Zoo's newest panda gets an exam that's cut short by his squealing



    Today's Awww Moment
    SD Zoo
    The fur, the little teeth, even the squealing is cute.

    We challenge you. Tell us this video isn't the cutest thing you'll see today.

    The zoo's giant panda cub had its weekly exam Tuesday which was cut short after a distemper shot caused the little one to squeak rather loudly.

    The squeals sent the cub's mother, Bai Yun racing back to the den so zookeepers had to put the cub back in there where he was comforted by his mother.

    Before the shot, veterinarians were able to check out the 8-week-old cub.

    Panda Cub Squeals During Exam

    [DGO] Panda Cub Squeals During Exam
    When the new panda cub at the San Diego Zoo started squealing during his exam, Mama Panda came running back to the den.
    (Published Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2009)

    His eyes are now fully open and he can see light but his sight isn't very good yet.

    The cub, born early in the morning on August 5, now weighs about 6 and a half pounds.

    Of course, he still has no name. We'll have to wait for that until he turns 100 days old according to Chinese tradition.

    Mother and son will remain in the den for four to five months. During the denning period, the only way to see them is through the San Diego Zoo's live Panda Cam.