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Three Ways to Improve Local Schools

District boardmembers meet to improve performance



    Three Ways to Improve Local Schools
    SDUSD Board Meets to Discuss Budget

    Being a member of the school board is a tough job -- especially these days.

    But someone has to do it.

    Board members of the San Diego Unified School District met today to discuss their performance.

    The idea, they say, was not to give themselves a pat on the back. The goal was to look at areas that need improvement.

    First, be more focused more on student achievement. That's been tough to do over the past few years, said School Board President John Lee Evans, with so much going on with the budget.

    Though, he did say, student achievement measured better this year than last.

    Next, be more organized in terms of advocating for education. Evans says there needs to be a good plan to lobby Sacramento and Washington D.C.

    Third, do more to get the correct information to the public. Evans says there are too many rumors, and too much misinformation about what's happening.

    “I think the biggest misconception is that the District is crying wolf, that somehow we're just saying this is what's going to happen, and it's all going to be better later on. We've been to Sacramento, we've talked to the legislature. We've heard what the Governor's plan is and what we have to do is prepare for next year based on the information they've given us,” said Evans.

    To get the facts out, Evans says answers to frequently asked questions will be better updated on the District's website.

    And he says the District wants to be more transparent with the public regarding its budget numbers.

    He invited unions or auditors to come look at the books, saying the idea that money is hidden away is a myth.