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Thousands March Against Prop 8 in San Diego



    Protesters rallied in Hillcrest Saturday, voicing their opposition to the recently passed Proposition 8, then thousands of marchers  walked through the city and down to the County Administration Building.

    Young, old, gay and straight joined to protest the proposition defining marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

    The San Diego event is part of a coordinated national day of protest organized by Join the Impact. Rallies are planned in more than 300 cities around the nation.

    Protesters gathered in the northwest corner of Balboa Park for the event that began at 10 a.m. Marchers then left the staging site in  the park and went down 6th Avenue, then over to Broadway, making their way up Harbor Drive to the County Administration Building.

    "This is part of the U.S. political process," Capt. Chris Ball of the San Diego Police Department said. "If we inconvenience a few commuters on a Saturday, it's OK. It's what makes our country great."

    Nearly two weeks after election day, activists said they will continue their demonstrations for equality. 

    "We're going to keep fighting to educate the public and make people aware that this is not fair," said Marissa Piper-Younie, a spokeswoman for No on Prop. 8.

    Some drivers were clearly upset, especially those who did not believe in the marcher's cause.

    "These people don't get equal rights," said Nick Cossackm who booed the protesters and turned his thumb down. "Bringing their kids out here -- it's terrible."