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Thieves Target Gas Tanks

With the price of gas reaching $4.50 around San Diego, police suggest carefully selecting where you park your car



    The high price of gas is now taking a toll on drivers in one Clairemont neighborhood.

    Gas thieves broke into four vehicles early Easter morning, siphoning gas from each one.

    "I just filled up at Costco, it was $91," said victim George Cunningham.

    Cunningham lives on Mt. Albertine Avenue where the thefts happened over the weekend.

    Gas Theft Victim Sympathetic to Thieves

    [DGO] Gas Theft Victim Sympathetic to Thieves
    Clairemont resident George Cunningham may struggle to get into his van but, after he's fallen victim to gas thieves twice in a month, he said he feels sorry they have to steal from him.
    (Published Wednesday, April 27, 2011)

    "It's terrible, gas is more than $4 a gallon," he said.

    It's the second time in a month that his two vehicles were targeted by gas thieves.

    It's also the second theft for his neighbor who lives across the street. Jeff Flowers discovered his vehicle's gas cap lock broken by thieves.

    "What they did was shove a screwdriver and smash it, and they were able to unscrew it," said Flowers.

    He said he and his neighbors are planning to put up surveillance cameras around their homes.

    "I'm going to catch them next time," Flowers said.

    San Diego police said the gas thefts should be a warning for all drivers. 

    "I'm assuming that given the economy, given the overall price of gas at this time, that this is not an isolated incident," said San Diego police spokesperson Lt. Andra Brown. 

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