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There Are Worse Places to Get Stuck



    There Are Worse Places to Get Stuck

    A blizzard rocking the East Coast is crippling travel across the nation. Hundreds of flights have been cancelled, including to and from Lindbergh Field.
    Many passengers were stranded for hours Saturday night, trying to rebook their flights to the East Coast after getting this dreaded automated message:

    “Your ticket has been canceled. Please call a representative.”

    Most flights in and out of Washington DC, Philadelphia, Newark and Baltimore were canceled which caused a ripple effect of delays across the country.

    “First flight is to Phoenix, but we want to get to Philadelphia. I don't want to get stuck in Phoenix,” Catherine Shaughnessy said.

    It's imperative that the Sangers get to Pittsburgh. They're attending a special celebration in just a few days -- one they simply cannot miss.

    “We want the first flight home,” Jodi Sanger said. “We are trying to get home for our wedding.”

    Others spent hours trying to rebook their flights. 

    “I have just been wandering around trying to find something and its just all closed doors or we can get you out on Wednesday,” Shaughnessy said.

    Many were forced to stay in San Diego longer than they had planned. 

    As for the couple getting married in a few days. They planned on flying to Phoenix for a night, going to Vegas and then onto Pittsburgh. But will make it to their wedding.