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The Silver Lining of Furlough Fridays



    The Silver Lining of Furlough Fridays

    When told you must take unpaid leave from your job, what else is there to do but write and record a song, get your co-workers to dance to it on video and post it up on YouTube?

    That's what Tiamo “T-money” De Vettori and Josh “JG” Galea’i did March 11 and since then, the employees of California State University San Marcos have gotten praise and about 50,000 views on the video sharing web site.

    I like to chill but it don’t pay the bill
    I wanna BBQ there’s no gas in the grill
    I got no funds for the cinema
    I’m stuck at home watching Oprah

    In the information posted along with the clip “Furlough Friday,” De Vettori and Galea'i explain it's meant to relieve stress. 

    “In California, among other states, employees voted to implement a two-day per month furlough time off policy without pay for the staff and faculty of the 23-campus CSU system. The furloughs, intended to minimize layoffs, began in August 2009. The 10% pay cut is meant to correct $275 million of the CSU's $564 million dollar budget deficit.”

    “To anyone going through furloughs or pay cuts in any form, here's hoping that you can take a moment to laugh about it amid the stress. Maybe deep down, you even like the extra time off? That's what this song is about.”


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     De Vettori, an academic adviser in the university's academic services department, told the North County Times Thursday that he thought of the humorous approach while he and Galea'i were discussing the furloughs during a lunch break.

    De Vettori, with years of experience singing and writing songs, has his own home studio so he enlisted Galea'i, coordinator of student involvement in CSUSM's student life and leadership department, to write and record the song that same day.

    Reactions from coworkers and viewers have been positive, De Vettori told the paper, with everybody "just sort of celebrating with us and cheering us on."

    To all my furloughed peeps
    Keep believe in the dream
    And stay true ‘cuz
    United we rise up
    Individually we fall

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