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The Navy's 'First Prius' Calls San Diego Home

Hybrid Navy Ship USS Makin Island docks in North Island



    The Navy's 'First Prius' Calls San Diego Home
    A new Navy ship that's made it's new home in San Diego is being called the ocean-going version of the Toyota Prius.

    A new and unique Navy ship making its home in San Diego is being called the "Navy's Prius," the first of a new generation of hybrid-powered ships.

    USS Makin Island is powered by high-tech, fuel-saving engines -- the Navy's version of the Toyota Prius. At low speeds it runs on electricity and at high speeds, gas turbines provide the power.

    "During our transit from Mississippi to San Diego, we saved over $2.25 million on fuel," said USS Makin Island Capt. Robert G. Kopas.

    It's been more than two months since the sailors have seen their families. Some of them have new babies that they saw for the first time.

    USS Makin Island Docks

    [DGO] USS Makin Island Docks
    A new Navy ship calls San Diego home
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 15, 2009)

    "I'm very excited, very happy" said one sailor. "We got the ship back and we have a new baby."

    The USS Makin Island and it's 1,000 crew members will provide a boost for the local economy. This is good news for merchants like Jill Hardman, who runs an art galley on Orange Avenue in Coronado.

    "There's more people on the street," said Hardman. "It's great for us when a new ship comes in."

    The Makin Island will be commissioned at North Island next month and will then move to the 32 Street naval base.