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The Long Journey Home for PB Dog

Pacific Beach dog owners find their dog after he was sold on Craigslist.



    On Friday, a dog from Pacific Beach returned homed after a long journey.

    NBC 7 San Diego originally reported a story about the dog, a Lhasa Apsa named "Morten," on Monday.

    Morten's family, the Brydges, had been looking for their lost dog since December and put up big banners around town and offered a big reward for his return, according to family member Brooks Brydges.

    After going missing, Morten ended up far from home, having been found in Escondido.

    This is where the story gets interesting.

    April Lutzweiler, an Escondido resident, happened to be looking for a dog during Christmas for her family.

    Lutzweiler said she posted a 'Wanted Ad' on Craigslist and a man answered her ad.

    The man told Lutzweiler that had a Lhasa Apsa male that he needed to get rid of because he was moving to Hawaii.

    The man even gave the dog to Lutzweiler for free but she had no idea, the dog, who turned out to be Morten, already belonged to someone else.

    It's unclear how the man ended up in possession of Morten.

    "I was excited and happy knowing I had found his dog," said Lutzweiler. "I had no idea but I was glad Morten was home."

    Lutzweiler said Morten warmed up quickly to the family, sleeping with her in bed and getting along with her two-year-old son.

    However things soon changed. Morten was barking a lot when Lutzweiler left the house and her landlords said she needed to get rid of him. So, Lutzweiler put Morten on Craigslist, selling him for $30.

    At around the same time that ad was posted, a woman at a dog rescue group called "Holly's Garden," who was working with the Brydges family to find Morten, saw the link and told the family she thought it might be their dog.

    "I was so confident it was him," said Brook Brydges. "I would have been crushed if it wasn't him, but when I got there, he was running down the stairs when he saw me. It was great."

    After getting him back, the Brydges are taking stricter methods on tracking Morten if he gets lost again. They said they're planning on putting a chip in him and give him a GPS tracking collar.

    "He's a member of the family, part of the Brydges clan," said Brydges. "We feel whole again. Hopefully there isn't a next time."