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The Arrow Destroys the Bulls-eye

Show's elements stays true to comic book's origin



    The calendar says it's summer, but on Preview Night at Comic-Con 2012, it was fall.

    That’s when Warner Brothers official kicked off the Con with a screening of its new shows, including NBC’s “Revolution.”

    More than 2,000 people waited hours outside Ballroom 20 to get a sneak peek of what’s was going to invade their televisions starting in September.

    Five shows were screened. “Arrow,” and “Cult” are on the CW. “The Following” airs on FOX. “Revolution” airs on NBC and “666 Park Avenue” on ABC.

    “Arrow” is a darker re-telling of the DC Comic’s character Green Arrow, also known as billionaire bad-boy Oliver Queen. It stars Stephen Armell, Katie Cassidy and Collin Donnell.

    Some of the elements of his origin are still there: being shipwrecked on an island, learning how to hunt and survive with a bow and arrow.

    But some elements have been changed for the modern era. This hero kills, and has no qualms about it. He also steals from the rich and gives to the poor.

    And if you’re a fan, there are some Easter eggs hidden in the show such as the nickname of his sister -- Speedy. Fans know that Speedy is a boy who Green Arrow takes in and who later learns how to fight crime with a bow and arrow.

    Queen’s BFF in the show is a character named Merlyn who’s also sleeping with his ex-girlfriend and may have some sinister motives.

    In the comics, he’s one of Green Arrow’s arch nemeses.I won’t spoil the rest, but don’t be expecting this to be like the long running “Smallville.”

    This Arrow doesn’t just hits the bulls-eye. It destroys it.

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