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“That Mural” Along I-15 to Be Obscured



    “That Mural” Along I-15 to Be Obscured
    NBC 7 News
    It won't be long before it's nearly impossible to see the mural that has captured attention along the I-15 corridor.

    A large mural, designed as public art, will soon be hidden from public view.

    Construction crews are working to complete framing on a new apartment complex in Mira Mesa.

    It's the newest phase of the Casa Mira View complex on the west side of the highway near the Mira Mesa Boulevard exit.

    If you look hard enough, through the wooden walls waiting for drywall, you can see a small portion of the mural, entitled “Believe."

    The painting was created last year by artist Leoangelo L. Reyes. The mural was approved by the Mira Mesa Town Council and paid for by the owners of the complex, Garden Communities.

    Even though it stands 34-feet tall and 128-feet wide, it appears the public won’t be seeing much of the art.

    The mural was never meant to be on permanent display. Town council president Ted Brengel said it was a stipulation by the builder.

    "Since there are two more phases, each with its own garage wall facing I-15 until its apartments are built, I wouldn't be surprised to see additional murals in the future, each with the same stipulation: it will be covered by the apartments when they are constructed," Brengel told NBC 7.