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Text This : 'Motion Skills' For Teen Drivers

A new driving program is designed to reduce injuries and accidents.



    Text This : 'Motion Skills' For Teen Drivers
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    A local driving program is helping teenage drivers navigate the road more safely.

    The program, called 'Motion Skills' offers 36 safety tips aimed at preventing injuries and accidents. Students also learn how change a tire, jump start a car and handle emergency situations.

    They also go through training exercises that demonstrate why texting while driving is unsafe. And they wear goggles to simulate what it feels like to drink and drive. Kris Rolfson, the CEO of Motion Skills, started the program after his son got his license.

    "We started Motion Skills," said Rolfson, "because we watched our son go through the process to get his license. And he was able to go through that but we realized there are so many other situations that happen everyday that he wasn't prepared for." 

    Motion Skills offers classes for middle school and high school students. The classes cost 49 dollars for middle school students, 239 dollars for high school students.