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Terrorist Cell Was Embedded Deeply in San Diego



    Terrorist Cell Was Embedded Deeply in San Diego
    (AP Photo/FBI, HO)
    Suspected hijackers on American Airlines Flight 77. Top row, from left are, Khalid Almihdhar, Majed Moqed and Nawaf Alhazmi, Bottom row, from left are, Salem Alhazmi and Hani Hanjour. Some of the names of the 19 suspected hijackers have slightly different spellings and others have additional names added, compared to the list released by the FBI on Sept. 14, 2001. FBI Director Robert Mueller said the FBI is confident that the names and photos were the identities the hijackers had before entering the United States. (AP Photo/FBI, HO)

    On Sept. 11, 2001, when a second jet crashed into the World Trade Center, it became shockingly clear that what might have been a tragic accident was in fact a terrorist attack on the United States, reports the North County Times.

    As San Diego County residents joined the world to watch the horrific spectacle, almost nobody knew how closely linked the terrorist plot was to San Diego, and how close law enforcement agents here came to preventing 9/11.

    Not only did three of the suicide hijackers live in San Diego and several more allegedly visit as they planned the attacks, but there were also many others in the region who assisted the terrorists. Some of these supporters had connections to the Saudi government, and some were never detained or properly investigated. None was ever convicted of any crimes related to 9/11, and most have since left the country.

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