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Teens + BB Guns = Expensive Crime Spree



    Teens + BB Guns = Expensive Crime Spree

    Three teenagers are under arrest, accused of shooting out the windows of more than a dozen cars.

    El Cajon police officers say the teenagers started their vandalism rampage around 10 p.m. Monday.

    In just an hour, they managed to damage at least 13 cars, several of them parked on Oro Street.

    An officer pulled the teenagers over when he noticed they were driving in a white Geo Metro with a tail light out.

    "He immediately spotted several guns, several thousand rounds of BB's in the car and was able to determine that these suspects were in fact responsible for vandalism that had taken place here in El Cajon," said Lt. Steve Shakowski with the El Cajon police department.

    Oswaldo Sanchez,19, Aaron Menjuga,18, and a 16-year-old are now charged with felony vandalism.

    "For whatever reason these suspects chose last night to go out and be a three person crime spree and fortunately for us, our officer interfered," said Shakowski.

    Damage is estimated at several thousand dollars.