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Teachers Consider Whether to Strike



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    Anger over stalled contract negotiations bubbled to the surface Wednesday night when elementary school teachers took their frustration to the streets in National City.

    Faced with  such issues as increased furlough days and classroom sizes, the National City Elementary Teachers Association's executive board will meet Tuesday afternoon to decide whether to call a strike.

    Teachers already authorized the union to act if necessary.

    The results of the strike vote will not be released to the public until all members are notified.

    "We'll be calling or emailing our members this evening with results," union president Linda Cartwright said in a media release. "It could be later tonight or first thing Wednesday morning."

    She said no one wants to strike.

    "We're ready to bargain, but the onus is on the (National School District) now," Cartwright said. "If they don't meet us in a timely manner, then we're ready to walk."

    If it decides to strike, the union must legally give the District 20 hours notice.

    Yesterday, Cartwright said the union is hoping a state mediator can come sooner than the scheduled February ninth meeting date to move negotiations along.