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TSA Will No Longer See You Naked



    TSA Will No Longer See You Naked
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    The images in this kind of photo will soon be much more generic.

    The Transportation Security Administration is back-stepping on new security technology that basically allows agents to see passengers naked.

    TSA announced Wednesday it will install new technology that will replace a specific outline of a person's body with a generic outline.

    The new software, which is called Automated Target Recognition, will still detect items that could pose a potential threat, according to the TSA.

    The software upgrade will be completed sometime this year at the agency's 241 airport machines, which include the San Diego International Airport.

    The current whole body imaging machines have sparked outrage among some passengers and privacy advocates because they reveal images of nude bodies.

    "Our top priority is the safety of the traveling public, and TSA constantly strives to explore and implement new technologies that enhance security and strengthen privacy protections for the traveling public," TSA Administrator John Pistole said.

    TSA said the charge was "part of its ongoing commitment to take smart steps to maintain high level security standards while also improving the passenger experience at checkpoints."

    By eliminating the image of an actual naked person, passengers will soon be able to view the same outline the TSA officer sees. Now, the person viewing the picture is in a separate room.

    This change should relieve the easily embarrassed, while keeping the rest of us just as secure.