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Survey: Hispanics Feel More American



    Survey: Hispanics Feel More American
    More than half respondents in study believe now is a great time to be Latino.

    Nearly 75 percent of U.S. Hispanics say they identify more as an American rather than as the origin of their ethnicity, according to a survey.

    Most Latinos said they would call themselves “American,” compared to just 4 percent of respondents who said they identify more with their country of origin, according to the survey conducted by NBC Latino and IBOPE Zogby.

    The results came as a surprise to those involved in the study, that cited previous research which found that political and civic attachments among Latinos were not as strong.

    “What is interesting is that surveys and polls consistently show Latinos mostly identify with the U.S. and with being American, and yet this is continually a surprise to the general public,” said Cristina Beltrán, Director of Latino Studies at New York University.

    The study also found that 52 percent of Latinos believe this is the best time to be Hispanic in America, and that 32 percent of respondents had never been discriminated against for being Latino. About 29 percent said that on more than one occasion, they had been discriminated against and 22 percent said at least once they had been discriminated against.

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