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Surprise Delivery!



    Ava Williams was supposed to come into this world February 8th at Sharp Mary Birch Hospital.She came a little bit early, but it's where she was born that was completely unexpected.

    Just four days old, Ava is spending her first night at home Friday with her parents and brother Cameron.

    They look like a typical San Diego family, but a 911 call from Monday morning tells the real story.
    911 Dispatcher:  What’s your emergency?
    Rebecca Williams: I just had my baby on the floor!
    911 Dispatcher: Is the baby breathing?
    Rebecca Williams: Yes he seems like he is breathing
    911 Dispatcher:  What color is the baby?
    Rebecca Williams: She is purple
    NBC San Diego spoke to Rebecca Williams Friday night, she recounts, “I wanted the epidural, wanted someone to pamper me, to take care of me, but I ended up doing it by myself with my toddler.”
    Rebecca Williams said she started having contractions Monday morning, so she called her husband and told him to come home.

    But exactly 10 minutes later...

    San Diego Mother Delivers Her Own Baby

    [DGO] San Diego Mother Delivers Her Own Baby
    She went into labor two weeks early and within 20 min the baby was born.
    (Published Friday, Jan. 28, 2011)

    “I was on the floor pushing the baby out," she said. "She wasn't crying, she was purple, but I could tell she was breathing and knew she was ok.”

    She had given birth at home in her bedroom.

    Husband Seth Williams came home and saw what had happened. “I was about to pass out,” he said. 
    Doctors say Ava is a perfectly healthy baby.

    A Mother's Frantic Call to 911

    [DGO] A Mother's Frantic Call to 911
    A mother dials 911 after delivering her baby herself.
    (Published Saturday, Jan. 29, 2011)

    Seth Williams said he has an even greater appreciation for the mother of his kids.

    “Just seeing her give birth by herself and seeing how calm she was gives a whole new level of love and respect,” he said.