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Surfers Eye Tsunami Surge



    While many surfers may be considering jumping in the water against the advice of public safety experts, some hardcore surfers actually did it -- making the trek from Stockton to the coastline just to take advantage of the surf.

    Off-duty California Highway Patrol trooper William Hill and two friends unloaded long boards and scrambled into their wet suits Friday on the cliffs above Cowell Beach in Santa Cruz, where a half dozen surfers were already in the water.

    They saw the tsunami warnings Thursday night on TV and drove two hours from Stockton to be in the water when the tsunami hit.

    The good waves Friday morning had nothing to do with the tsunami, which can't be surfed. But the tide can pull way out and surge, which gives surfers the chance to be in the water when that happens.

    Surfer Catches Waves Before Tsunami

    [DGO] Surfer Catches Waves Before Tsunami
    Along Mission Beach, an NBCSanDiego's news crew spotted one surfer catching some morning surf despite the advisory to stay out of the water.
    (Published Saturday, March 12, 2011)

    According to San Diego lifeguards, any surfer - no matter their skill level - should stay clear of the water during the advisory.

    “Many surfers we routinely rescue think they’re more experience than they are,” said San Diego lifeguard Lt. Nick Lerma.

    Lerma said it’s not clear what may come with the surge of water and it’s best to stay out of it and listen to the advisory issued by forecasters and public agencies.