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Summer Savings Tips



    Summer Savings Tips

    Summer travel doesn't have to mean breaking the bank. The same way you'd plan your itinerary for vacation, you can also plan the way you save money along the way.

    "You're thinking about having fun and not about the little things," said Peter Pham with

    The website CEO said people tend to overspend on vacation, which can lead to a holiday hangover. But, he said, that's changing as bargain shopping is now becoming very popular.

    "It's OK to look for deals," Pham said. "It's OK to cut coupons and go the the grocery store. I think people respect other people for saving money."

    Summer Savings Tips

    [DGO] Summer Savings Tips
    Summer travel doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.
    (Published Friday, April 30, 2010)

    According to, vacation travelers can easily save money on their credit cards and cell phones. 

    "Every card is different, and you have to really pay attention," Pham said.

    Consumers should check on interest rates and reward systems, then pick the card that is the best for them. Pham said he hasn't paid for a hotel room in nine years because of the points he's earned with his credit card.

    Another big expense: Cell phones. Pham said travelers think they will pay the same rates on their phone when they travel, but some plans don't allow for roaming or international travel, and unless you know before you go, it could cost you a bundle.