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Stray Puppy Swallows 6-Inch Corn Dog Stick

The puppy was spotted by passersby in the College Area who saw the dog chewing on a stick and looking sick



    Stray Puppy Swallows 6-Inch Corn Dog Stick
    San Diego County Animal Services
    This stray puppy swallowed a 6-inch corn dog stick, but surgery saved his life.

    A three-month-old stray puppy is recovering from surgery after veterinarians in San Diego found the pup had swallowed a six-inch corn dog stick.

    According to County Animal Services, the puppy was spotted by some kids in the College Area who noticed he was chewing on a stick. The kids’ father saw that the dog appeared to be sick and called animal control officers.

    The chocolate Labrador mix was taken to a shelter on Gaines Street and X-rayed. Though nothing appeared on the X-rays, vets could feel something in the pooch’s stomach and could see the dog was in pain.

    He was sent into surgery and during the operation veterinarians found and removed a corn dog stick swallowed whole by the puppy.

    Photo credit: San Diego County Animal Services

    Animal Services Deputy Director Dan DeSousa said the discovery came as a shock to officials, but the surgery likely saved the puppy’s life.

    "We're lucky this dog survived. This stick could've easily punctured the stomach; punctured the intestines," said DeSousa.

    The pup – who doesn’t have tags, a license or a microchip – returned to County Animal Services Thursday where he will stay until a foster home takes him for a recuperation period.

    DeSousa said the puppy’s recovery will take about two weeks. He should become available for adoption next month. He's been nicknamed "Corndog," or "Corny," for short.

    County officials said the dog’s medical expenses were covered with the department’s Spirit Fund, a donation-driven program that uses its funds to help care for orphaned pets in county animal shelters.