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Stolen Watches Found at Suspect's Home: Cops

Watches worth over $1 million in total, according to police



    San Diego Police are now in possession of dozens of high end watches they said were stolen from several jewelry stores throughout California.

    The Rolex watches total over $1 million and were recovered by a landlord from one of the suspect’s Park West Apartments.

    “He's been in custody for a few months, hasn't paid the rent," said Lt. Andra Brown of SDPD. Brown said the property management company found the items when they went to prepare the suspect's former apartment for a new tenant.

    Officers said the two suspects are Ryan Mcknight and Robert Chavira who are already in custody for allegedly robbing Ben Bridge Jewelers in Fashion Valley Mall in September. Police said the men are also responsible for the Barona Casino heist.

    Stolen Watches Found at Suspect's Home: Cops

    [DGO] Stolen Watches Found at Suspect's Home: Cops
    On Friday, San Diego police said they found the loot of the two men who were in jail for robberies at Fashion Valley mall and Barona Casino.
    (Published Saturday, Dec. 31, 2011)

    Dozens of watches of all shapes and sizes were stored in neat rows inside the apartment including one Rolex with diamonds on the face worth $64,0000.

    Detectives also recovered assault weapons and police gear, including a fake badge.

    Police said the thieves went to extremes to steal the watches from Ben Bridge jewelers back in September.

    Three Men Vanish After Jewelry Heist

    [DGO] Three Men Vanish After Jewelry Heist
    Police are searching for the suspects who they said robbed the Ben Bridge jewelry store in Fashion Valley Friday, in a heist that played out like a Hollywood script.
    (Published Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011)

    “Went into the jewelry store, firearms displayed, had sledge hammers they used to smash the glass display cases,” Brown said.

    Detectives said Mcknight and Chavira drove through the mall, putting many people in danger.

    “It was during normal business hours. There were customers in the store. Other customers in the mall. It was a very bold, very brazen, very dangerous robbery," Brown said.

    Police said they also stole watches from other jewelry stores in San Jose, Palm Desert and Costa Mesa.

    As for the watches, those will be returned to each police agency before heading back to the stores or insurance companies.