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Still Waiting for Bottom



    Still Waiting for Bottom
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    Connecticut's workforce continues to get battered and the DOL is keping the unemployment office open on a holiday.

    California's unemployment remained at woeful levels in December, according to the state's latest figures.

    The rate remained at 12.4 percent for the month, matching November's depressing figure.
    Last month, the state reported the November unemployment rate at 12.3 percent, but the state Department of Economic Development revised that figure to 12.4 percent on Friday.

    California employers shed 38,800 jobs in December, authorities said. That month capped a dismal year, during which the state lost more than 500,000 jobs. While most industries cut employment, there was one bright spot: Education and health care posted a 1.3 percent increase for the year.

    "California is in worse shape than the country in a lot of ways," San Diego State economics professor Dan Seiver told the Los Angeles Times. "It's probable that the recovery here might be even more sputtering than the nation as a whole."
    According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, California has the fifth-highest unemployment rate in the nation, topped only by Michigan, which leads the nation with 14.6 percent, followed by Nevada, Rhode Island and South Carolina.

    The national unemployment rate was steady in December, too, hovering at 10 percent.