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Southwest Employee Takes to the Air(waves)

A local southwest employee earned the opportunity of a lifetime



    Have you ever crossed paths with someone who you're sure you'd seen somewhere before? If you're at Lindbergh Field anytime soon, you might run in to one of those faces.

    For the last 10 years, Guillermo Rosales has worked the ticket counter for Southwest Airlines at Lindbergh Field. He’s one of the most outgoing guys you'll ever meet.

    In September, Rosales got the chance of a lifetime. Southwest sent out an e-mail asking employees if they would like to audition for a new commercial.

    Rosales figured, why not?

    Southwest Employee Takes to the Air(waves)

    [DGO] Southwest Employee Takes to the Air(waves)
    Have you ever crossed paths with someone who, well, you're just sure you'd seen somewhere before.
    (Published Friday, Nov. 12, 2010)

    “And then after three days, I received a call to go to Chicago and do the casting over there,” he said.

    500 people tried out. Only 12 were selected. Rosales was of them.

    He says it took 20-hours over two days to shoot.

    “The experience of being in the middle of the streets in Chicago, just coming from nowhere, people don't know what's going on and you pick up people in the streets dancing with them, was totally fun. Just a great experience,” Rosales said.

    He has been getting plenty of teasing from his co-workers.

    “Everyone makes the same position, the dancing position that I end the dance on the commercial. It's kind of funny because they really don't know. I'm not really supposed to be there by myself. It's supposed to be a girl spinning toward my lap, but they never added that part,” Rosales said.

    Rosales also says even customers have recognized his face.

    If you're wondering, Rosales was paid for the spot and he plans to use the money to start a foundation to benefit those with serious brain injuries on behalf of his niece who suffers from a brain injury.