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Southwest Delays Flights

OH at Lindbergh: "There's a bar somewhere."



    Southwest Delays Flights

    Passengers at San Diego's Lindbergh Field are waiting to take off after a number of posted delays Monday morning.

    Close to 20 Southwest flights have been delayed from leaving as of 10 a.m.  Among those delayed are flights to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Oakland and San Jose.

    “About half the board looks lit up here, delayed,” said one man flying to Indianapolis after a weekend in San Diego.

    “It could be a long day at the airport here,” he said.

    The cause of today's delays -- which mostly affected Southwest Airlines -- was not immediately clear.

    Steve Myhro was delayed almost an hour. He noticed the information on the departure board but the employees at the counter didn’t have details on what caused the time delay.

    “The one fellow didn’t say why. I asked him but he didn’t seem to want to give any information,” he said.

    Myhro is hoping to fly to Oakland and catch a bus to Petaluma. The 45-minute delay could end up costing him four hours if he misses the bus he's scheduled to take.

    On Sunday, bad weather in the Northeast caused several Jet Blue, American Airlines, Delta Airlines and Continental Airlines
    flights between San Diego and New York's JFK International Airport to be canceled or delayed.