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Single Implosion Set for South Bay Power Plant

The defunct plant in Chula Vista will now be demolished with a single implosion instead of the original two-phased implosion plan



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    Port of San Diego
    The South Bay Power Plant is now set to be demolished in a single implosion, rather than a previously approved two-phased implosion. This amendment could cut down the project time by two months, according to the Port of San Diego.

    The defunct South Bay Power Plant in Chula Vista will now be demolished by one single implosion rather than the previously approved two-phased implosion plan, the Port of San Diego announced Thursday.

    Dynergy South Bay, LLC, submitted the minor amendment to its Coastal Development Permit for the demolition of the plant to the California Coastal Commission.

    According to Chula Vista Mayor Cheryl Cox, the City of Chula Vista supports the terms of the amended permit and the latest decision to demolish the plant in a single implosion.

    “Demolishing the plant with a single implosion will expedite the creation of an unobstructed view corridor for the residents of Chula Vista and moves us closer to creating a world-class resort and residential destination on our portion of San Diego Bay as outline in the Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan,” said Cox.

    Click here for more information on the Bayfront plan.

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    The original two-phase permit had been approved on June 14, 2012. The new implosion procedure will now remove the above-ground structure in a single incident.

    The Port of San Diego said Dynergy South Bay, LLC, and the contractor for the demo project determined that a single implosion would minimize impacts to the surrounding Chula Vista community.

    With just one implosion instead of two, noise levels would be reduced, the need to re-route traffic in the area would be lessened and -- perhaps most importantly -- the demolition schedule would be shortened by approximately two months, the Port of San Diego said.

    Dynergy South Bay has been tasked with revising the demolition timeline to reflect the new changes. Contractors are currently dismantling the plant as scheduled and have been removing equipment such as piping, lights, controls, duct work, tanks, warehouses and storage buildings from the area.

    Ann Moore, Vice Chair of the Board of Port Commissioners, said the amended project will add to the goal of removing the South Bay Power Plant in a swift and safe manner.

    “We believe the amended project will achieve that result, allowing plans for a redeveloped and improved waterfront to come into fruition,” said Moore.

    According to the Port of San Diego, the project is expected to generate approximately 21,000 tons of recyclable metals, including iron, steel, aluminium and copper. It may also generate 3,400 tons of non-hazardous waste including wood or plastic, which will be recycled.

    When everything is said and done, the unanimously approved Chula Vista Bayfront Master Plan will add parks, open space and habitat protection in place of the defunct South Bay Power Plant.

    The 556-acre plan will bring in an estimated $1.3 billion to the local economy in its first 20 years. It will create about 2,200 permanent jobs, and almost 7,000 construction jobs, according to a statement from the Port District.

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