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Misson Bay Teen Finds Solace in Soccer

Mission Bay H.S. Varsity Soccer Player finds solace in soccer after living with nothing.



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    She's tough on the field.

    But that tough skin is probably gained from the hurdles she has already had to conquer in her life.

    "It's a faded memory. It's not something I like to talk about.," says Christina Burkenroad

    Christina's single father had a hard time supporting them and moved to Mission Bay before the start of Christina's freshman year from North Carolina to live with Christina's aunt.

    The relationship between Christina's aunt was rocky during her Junior year, leaving Christina and her father to live in their car on the beach for a few weeks.

    "Times were tough. I never thought I'd be going through that."

    But Christina kept her head up and used what little she did have.

    "I hate seeing talent be put to waste. And I knew soccer would get me through my life. Everything else was perfect."

    And she's definitely using her talents. She's considered one of the leading scorers of her time and ranked 18th in San Diego Girl's Soccer.

    "It's an inspiration as me as a coach, you see a kid that could easily buckle but she uses it to become a better player, person, and teammate", said her coach Jorge Palacios.

    As a senior, she is now living with one of her friend's on the soccer team and stays in contact with her dad.

    She considers them the family she never really had but it's her team on the field that act as her home.

    "I love coming out here and playing because its family. The two best things in life",said Christina Burkenroad.

    Christina is keeping her eye on Concordia University in Portland and is hoping to get help with tuition.

    Her soccer team has set up a  fund at US Bank under Christina Burkenroad if you are interested in helping with any scholarships.

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