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Slain Man's Fiance Says Guard Started Fight

21-year-old Anthony Wacker was killed by guard near Vista transit station



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    The shooting took place across the street from the transit station.

    The fiance of a man shot and killed in Vista by a transit guard said the confrontation began after her fiance asked a  transit guard for the time, according to a published report.

    The woman said the transit guard instigated the argument and fight that led to the killing of 21-year-old Oceanside resident Anthony Wacker, the North County Times reported

    The guard has been identified as Sam Tavallodi, 29, from Riverside County .

    According to the victim's fiance, Rachael Kolacz, 18, the couple was worried about catching the bus, so they stopped Tavallodi  to ask for the time. As the guard walked away, Kolacz said Wacker said to her, "Is it a f---ing crime to ask for the time?"

    She said Tavallodi charged back toward them in an intimidating way and said, "What the f--- did you just say to me?" She said Wacker repeated what he said. Tavallodi then told them both to "get off the f---ing property" and immediately grabbed Wacker's arm, as if to detain him.

    She said Tavallodi used profanity, insulted her and pepper-sprayed them in the ensuing exchange. 

    Tavallodi was also shot during the incident. He was not arrested after the shooting and could not  be reached for comment, the paper reported.