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Slain Carlsbad Woman Lived in Fear: Docs

New details from Kathy Scharbarth’s restraining order against ex-boyfriend reveal disturbing trends in man’s behavior



    Slain Carlsbad Woman Lived in Fear: Docs
    One of the flyers posted the day after Kathy was reported missing.

    A Carsbad woman strangled to death was stalked and threatened by the man accused of kidnapping and murdering her, according to newly obtained court documents.

    Kathy Scharbarth, 34, was found dead Friday night a day after she was reported missing by her boyfriend.

    Her ex-boyfriend, Michael David Robles, 43, is in custody facing kidnapping and murder charges.

    Scharbarth wrote in the temporary restraining order she received on November 17 that Robles’s abusive behavior dated back to 2008. She described a disturbing incident the day before in which he stalked and confronted her.

    Restraining Order Reveals Details in Woman's Death

    [DGO] Restraining Order Reveals Details in Woman's Death
    Just one week before searchers found her strangled and nude body, Kathleen Scharbarth turned to the justice system for help.
    (Published Monday, Nov. 28, 2011)

    “[Robles] yelled and acted hostile but eventually left when I threatened to call police,” she wrote in her November 16 report.

    A day before that, she wrote that he threatened to beat her “new friend to a bloody pulp” if he ever saw them together again.

    “When things do not go his way, he is erratic, forceful, badgering and threatening. I am scared for my safety,” she wrote in the restraining order.

    She recalled numerous occasions in which Robles stalked her or her 13-year-old daughter.

    “A few months ago, he stalked my daughter at softball practice,” she wrote. “Her coaches alerted me, and we were just more observant of our surroundings.”

    The restraining order expired on December 8, when the court scheduled a hearing. It required Robles to stay 100 yards away from her, her daughter, home, job, daughter’s school, car, family and friends.

    Investigators searched Robles’ home on Baja Vista Drive in Fallbrook for a second time Sunday.

    "There are several items that have been requested to look for in the search warrant," said Lt. Matt Magro with Carlsbad police.

    Robles was denied bail and locked up in Vista, pending arraignment scheduled for Wednesday.

    Scharbarth's disappearance was first noted when her current boyfriend, Daniel Weber, went to pick her up for breakfast at her home in the 3100 block of Via Puerta in southeast Carlsbad, on Thursday.

    When Weber arrived at the apartment, Scharbarth was gone and he found her 13-year-old daughter asleep inside the home with the door left open. 

    Police said Weber was the last person to see Scharbarth Wednesday night around 11:30 p.m. when she walked him to his car.


At some point earlier in the evening, a neighbor said a man was lurking outside Scharbarth's apartment.

    Police reported that Scharbarth's estranged boyfriend Robles had violated the restraining order against him Wednesday night after trying to make contact with Kathy at her home in Carlsbad.