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Shots Fired in Nestor

Multiple 911 calls came from the neighborhood near Granger Street and 15th Street



    Shots Fired in Nestor

    Several people reported hearing shots fired from a home in Nestor Tuesday.

    After the suspect broke in to the home at 1030 15th St., two shots were fired in the air officers said.

    The suspect was not shot, but injured himself during the crime, according to officials. He and the victim scuffled, officers said.

    The blood trail from the crime scene led officers to a studio apartment at 1060 15th St.

    Local law enforcement officers set up a perimeter at an apartment complex in the 1000-block of 15th Street. They also blocked off 15th from Elder to Coronado Avenue.

    San Diego police and San Diego County sheriff’s deputies say they received multiple 911 calls from the neighborhood near Granger Street and 15th Street.

    A suspect was put into the back of a police car shortly before noon. Then suddenly, a woman ran out and began yelling profanities and shouted to police saying they had the wrong person.

    The woman who was yelling said she is married to the suspect, and she was with him all morning.

    The investigation is ongoing.