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Searching for Cheap Gas Prices

Drivers agree: Gas is too expensive



    Gas prices are falling in San Diego, but is it enough to have an impact on the family budget? As NBC 7's Consumer Bob explains, we are far from what most people would call "cheap" gas prices. (Published Monday, Aug. 11, 2014)

    San Diegan Juan Calavario Hernandez spends a lot of time on the road. His delivery business has him driving 600 miles a week.

    When gas prices go up, he feels every expensive drop.

    “Because I put $80 to $100 of gas, you better shop around,” said Hernandez.

    The prices at the pump have been dropping over the past few weeks, but it’s hard to call gas prices averaging $3.87 in San Diego "cheap."

    “I’d be happy with $2.75 per gallon, at least so everybody can drive,” said Hernandez.

    He’s not alone. Drivers say while it is nice to see prices drop below $4, it is hard to consider prices a good deal until they drop below $3.

    Gladys Valdez says as a senior citizen, she can’t afford higher gas prices.

    “Maybe $3 a gallon,” said Valdez.

    But is $3 cheap? Not according to Eddie Hice.

    “Give me $1.19 and I’ll be happy,” Hice declared.

    Mary Parisi agrees with most drivers that cheap gas starts under $3.

    “It would be nice if it was $2.50 or $2.75,” Parisi said. "That would be reasonable.” 

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