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Sea Lion Saga in OB

Why did the baby sea lion cross the road -- and hide under a cop car?



    A wild wanderer caused quite the spectacle in Ocean Beach as he moved from car to car for refuge, before settling underneath a vehicle that said “to Protect and Serve.”

    “There was a baby sea lion crossing the street," Sgt. Jack Knish said.

    Officers got the call from concerned citizens at about 4 a.m. Wednesday that the pup was roaming around outside Nick's at the Pier on Abbot Street.

    “He’s just been looking for a place to hide. He’d waddle out to the middle of the street and then a car would come by,” said Ocean Beach resident Bill Higgins.

    Sea Lion Looks for Refuge Under a Police Car

    [DGO] Sea Lion Looks for Refuge Under a Police Car
    A sea lion pup waddles away from the ocean only to find refuge under a San Diego police car.
    (Published Wednesday, May 5, 2010)

    When an officer arrived, he tried to cajole the pup towards the ocean but it scurried for refuge -- underneath the officer’s patrol car that was parked in the middle of the street.

    “Oh it’s hilarious. He loves the cops, I love it,” Ocean Beach resident Breezy Hudman said.

    The ordeal drew a pretty big crowd.

    “When I first got here, there were about six cars here, six police cars… so this guy’s getting a lot of protection,” Higgins said.

    City officials called Sea World, who got on scene just before 8 a.m. and captured the little guy.

    “Oh he’s adorable. It’s sad too, because he shouldn’t be here,” Higgins said.

    SeaWorld officials said the sea lion seemed a little dehydrated, but had a good attitude and growled at them.

    They will give him a full assessment to make sure he’s okay and release him back into the wild when they think he’s ready. The process may take anywhere from a week to several months.