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School Board Limits Students' Parties

In an effort to cut back on sweets, Santee schools only allowed one food party per month



    School Board Limits Students' Parties
    Christine Nicholson, NBCDFW

    This next school year won't be as "sweet" for school kids in Santee after the district approved a measure to limit the number of food celebrations on campuses.

    Santee Patch blogger Joe Spencer reported the five-person Santee School District Board voted unanimously Tuesday to limit "non-compliant" classroom food parties to one per month.

    In according to Senate Bills 12 and 965, "compliant food" will be allowed on a student's birthday, Spencer reported.

    The board also agreed to focus on finding ways to enforce a physical education program and critically examine menu items served at lunch.

    Last month, the school district votedto limit the food celebrations to just five per year. Lisa McColl, principal of Rio Seco Elementary School in Santee, originally made the issue known to the school board.