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Scharbarth Suspect Commits Suicide

Michael Robles pleaded not guilty to the kidnapping and murder of Kathy Scharbarth



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    Robles (L) is charged in the death of Scharbarth (R). The pair ended a relationship 10 months ago according to Scharbarth's close friend.

    The ex-boyfriend charged with strangling a Carlsbad woman to death took his own life on Saturday.

    Kathy Scharbarth's family said they got a call from authorities this morning Michael David Robles had killed himself in the Vista jail.

    The San Diego Sheriff's Office confirmed the death.

    Scharbarth was reported missing on Thanksgiving, her body found the next day in Fallbrook.

    The 43-year old Robles had pleaded not guilty to her murder.

    Scharbarth had filed a restraining order against Robles on Nov. 17.

    Robles tried to make contact with Scharbarth Wednesday night at her home in the 3100 block of Via Puerta, east of Melrose Drive, police said.

    Scharbarth and the suspect ended their relationship 10 months ago said close family friend William Berman.

    "He was never a resident at the Carlsbad condo, had no access to the condo and had no reason to be at the condo," said Berman.

    Kathy Scharbarth's disappearance was first noted on Thursday by current boyfriend, Daniel Weber.

    Weber had returned to the Carlsbad condo on Thanksgiving morning because the couple had planned to have breakfast on what was also Scharbarth's birthday.

    Instead, Weber only found the door to her house open and her 13-year-old daughter asleep inside.

    Weber then called police to report Scharbarth was missing.