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San Diego's Xtreme Justice League Inspires `Law and Order: SVU' Episode

San Diego's crew of costumed superheroes patrol our streets, but how do the real police feel about them?



    If you watched Wednesday's Law and Order: SVU episode about the "Justice League,” the theme might have looked familiar.

    It was inspired by San Diego's own "Xtreme Justice League," a group who dress as superheroes and patrol our streets.

    The episode shows the vigilante crime stoppers clashing with police.

    San Diego’s Xtreme Justice League is tamer than the one featured on Law and Order.

    Xtreme Justice on Law and Order

    [DGO] Xtreme Justice on Law and Order
    A crime fighting troupe known to patrol San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter in costume has inspired an episode of a popular television crime drama. NBCs Law and Order: SVU on Wednesday featured a group similar San Diego's Xtreme Justice League. NBC 7's Nicole Gonzales spoke with Mr. Xtreme and SDPD spokesperson Lt. Andra Brown.
    (Published Thursday, April 26, 2012)

    But San Diego officers say the real crime fighting should be left to them.

    “You start getting into taking action, taking the law into your own hands, so to speak. That's when perhaps we start to have some problems,” said San Diego Police Lt. Andra Brown.

    Mr. Xtreme and his group of real life superheroes train in Kenpo karate, partly because no one in the Xtreme Justice League is allowed to carry a firearm on patrol.

    Super Heroes Patrol San Diego's Gaslamp

    [DGO] Super Heroes Patrol San Diego's Gaslamp
    Mr. Extreme and Urban Avenger are part of the Xtreme Justice League, patrolling the Gaslamp on weekends. Nicole Gonzales reports.
    (Published Tuesday, Oct. 25, 2011)

    So instead, they carry self-defense weapons, like stun guns and mace, while patrolling streets in the Gaslamp Quarter and in Escondido.

    “We're here to help. We're here to be eyes and ears for the police,” Mr. Xtreme said.

    But not all departments want the help.

    “In Escondido, it seems like it's a little more of a challenge. I was told last week by a police lieutenant that we're not welcome in his city,” Mr. Xtreme said.

    NBC 7 San Diego reached out to Escondido Police, but the department had no comment.

    Tonight's Law and Order: SVU paints the "Justice League" as a group of vigilantes.

    However, our homegrown version says they work within the law.

    “They definitely want to improve the community,” Brown said.

    The San Diego Police Department appreciates the effort, but says all the toys and karate training doesn't make them real crime fighters.

    “These people are just private citizens. Even though they wear costumes, they're not the respected police uniform we wear,” Brown said.

    What's more troubling, Brown said, is the Xtreme Justice League expanding into known gang areas in south east San Diego.

    Police officers are concerned the superheroes will take on more than they can handle.

    Those patrols are supposed to begin in summer or fall.

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