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San Diego's Ticket Hot Spots



    In California, a speeding ticket could cost you hundreds of dollars. Two drivers can get written up for the same offense, at the same spot and the same speed and the fine could be vastly different.

    The amount of your ticket could depend on your driving record as well as the details of your citation.

    NBCSanDiego recently requested statistics from the California Highway Patrol to find out where drivers are most ticketed in San Diego County.

    We rode along with Officer Brian Pennings as he pulled over two people who admitted to driving about 80 miles per hour.

    San Diego's Ticket Hot Spots

    [DGO] San Diego's Ticket Hot Spots
    Do you drive one of the most tickets spots in the county? The CHP reveals which stretchs of roadway net the most tickets.
    (Published Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2010)

    Hamid Sarwari admitted he was driving too fast because he was in a rush to get to an work appointment.

    Jillian Roths said she broke the speed limit because “I just wasn’t looking at the speedometer. I was just looking at the road and just going,” she said. She was rushing to get home because she wanted to take care of chores.

    According to Officer Pennings, the majority of speeding cases are unintentional. It happens because drivers try to multi-task in their cars. They’ll get distracted with such things as a phone.

    A cranked up stereo can easily cause many drivers to lose concentration and step on the gas pedal.

    Officers have also noticed a rise of drivers listening to their music players with both of their earbuds. The law allows for one earphone at a time when you’re on your phone or mp3 player. Officer Pennings says covering both ears can prevent you from hearing the approach of an emergency vehicle.

    If you do get pulled over for speeding, an officer does have discretion to either give you a verbal warning or write up a ticket. Officers Pennings says your chances of not getting hit with a fine are better if you don’t try to steer around the truth.

    Pennings says “honesty, really goes a long way with us because we get lied to all day long.”

    Ticket Hot Spots in San Diego County
    From: CHP
    (Includes area and tickets written)

    1. I-805 from Market St to Murray Ridge          3,483
    2. I-5 from SR-52 to Via de la Valle                  3,290
    3. I-805 from the Border to Market St               3,255
    4. I-15 from Clairemont Mesa to SR-56          2,600
    5. I-15 from El Norte Parkway to SR-76           2,340
    6. I-8 from Buckman Springs to County Line  2,299
    7. I-15 from SR-56 to Via Rancho Parkway     2,175
    8. SR-125 from I-8 to SR-52                               2,157
    9. I-5 from the Border to I-15                               1,978
    10. 85 SR-79 to Buckman Springs Rd             1,957

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