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San Diego's Most Dangerous Streets

State report ranks safest and most dangerous city streets



    San Diego's Most Dangerous Streets
    Poway streets like this one are among the state's safest, according to a report.

    San Diego county is home to some of the most dangerous streets in the state.

    A new report out from the California Office of Traffic Safety ranks the traffic safety in San Diego Cities. North County has a winner for the best and the worst.

    The safety scale rates areas from dangerous to safest. Poway ranked one of the safest in San Diego County. Out of 93 communities, Poway ranked 90th.

    Bob Manis Poway's Director of Development Services attributes the high ranking to the smooth streets and understandable signage in the city. He said the city is relatively responsive to residents in making traffic a priority.

    San Diego's Most Dangerous Streets

    [DGO] San Diego's Most Dangerous Streets
    Bob Manis, the director of Poway's Development Services talks about traffic safety scales in San Diego. Elena Gomez reports.
    (Published Monday, April 9, 2012)

    Residents in Poway protested at a recent council meeting for better street signs in the Valle Verde area after one mother was struck and killed by a car. The council unanimously approved a stop sign on the street near where the woman was killed.

    The safety data is based on the number of collisions in the area from 2010. It looks at the rate of fatal injury accidents per 1,000 miles driven.

    The least safest city is Escondido, considered the third most dangerous place to drive in San Diego County.

    With over 800 accidents reported just in 2010, the city has one of the most accidents among cities with populations under 250,000.

    San Diego County generally rates a little higher compared to other California counties at 22 out of 58.

    The California Office of Traffic Safety said the report is a tool for cities to see where they stand and how they can improve.

    The City of Escondido did not return requests for comment on their ranking.