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SD Zoo's Jaguar Cubs Play Outdoors with Mom

The jaguar cubs were born April 26 and are just now starting to roam around



    SD Zoo's Jaguar Cubs Play Outdoors with Mom
    Ken Bohn, San Diego Zoo
    One of the jaguar cubs at the San Diego Zoo playfully bats at its mother, urging her to play along.

    The new baby jaguars living at the San Diego Zoo explored a larger outdoor area on Wednesday and spent some time playing with their mom.

    The cubs – named Tikal and Maderas, born on April 26 – have been living in a cave area serving as their den at the Harry and Grace Steel Elephant Odyssey Exhibit for the past two months.

    On Wednesday, zookeepers said the cubs’ mother, Nindiri, brought her two tots out of their den to play and wander around their new surroundings. During playtime, one of the cubs rolled on its back and playfully batted at Nindiri.

    The San Diego Zoo said the cubs are taking their time getting comfortable with the new smells and sounds of the outdoor area as they carefully begin to venture out of their den.

    Although the cubs look tiny and adorable now, the San Diego Zoo said jaguars can range from 70 to 249-pounds. They’re the largest cat in the Western Hemisphere and the third largest of the world's cats.

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