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San Diegan Keeps Streak Alive

Jennifer Montgomery won almost $30,000



    San Diegan Keeps Streak Alive
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    An Encinitas woman continued her run as Jeopardy! champion Tuesday night. 

    Jennifer Montgomery managed to win by a narrow margin-- extending her two-day cash winnings to $28,799.

    She talked about the reaction she's been getting after almost blowing a question about a hometown topic.  

    "It was a question about the world famous San Diego Chicken," said Montgomery. "I gave the answer and said 'Who is the Chicken.' And Alex said, 'be more specific." And I drew a blank because I'm a San Diego native and I don't call him the San Diego Chicken. That would just be redundant. I just call him the Chicken! Luckily, at the last minute I kind of burped out San Diego Chicken? And fortunately it was right. But I've been taking a lot of heat for that one. I almost blew it and embarassed myself." 

    You can watch Montgomery go for three wins in a row Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. on NBC 7/39.