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San Diego Sheriff's Deputies Involved in Pursuit



    San Diego Sheriff's Deputies Involved in Pursuit

    A woman who led deputies on a high-speed chase and was hit by a pepper ball and bean bags before her arrest, may also be the woman behind death threats made at a La Mesa business.

    According to La Mesa police, an employee at a Shell station at Dallas & Fletcher Parkway reported receiving a threatening phone call Wednesday morning.

    The attendant told police that a woman said, "I will get you and kill everyone at the salon next door.”

    When officers arrived to the gas station, they found the salon closed.

    Using caller ID on the Shell station’s phone, officers traced the caller to a Spring Valley residence. An answering machine message identified a person living at that address as an employee of the salon.

    La Mesa called San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies and asked them to check on the address.

    Deputies near Kemper and Jamacha spotted a yellow SUV driving erratically around 10 a.m. Wednesday.

    According to reports, the yellow SUV had been driving on the sidewalk, coming close to hitting pedestrians, according to Chris Davis with the San Diego County Sheriff's Dept.

    Deputies tried to pull the driver over, but the woman drove off almost hitting several deputy vehicles, Davis said.

    At one point, deputies decided to end the pursuit and trail the driver, according to a spokesperson. They also called in assistance from San Diego, La Mesa and Chula Vista police.

    Deputies caught up with the driver in a cul-de-sac near the intersection of Robin Street and Rebecca Way in Lemon Grove, north of Mount Miguel High School and west of State Route 125.

    The SUV was parked in the cul-de-sac and deputies saw the driver reaching in and around her seats, Davis said.

    "It's unsafe to approach the vehicle when the driver is still inside. We didn't know what she was reaching for," said Davis. "It was safer for her to be out of the vehicle where we could see her hands."

    That's when deputies used beanbags to take out the SUV's rear window and used a pepper ball to force the woman out of her vehicle. Once she was standing outside the SUV, she was still wandering around so deputies used the beanbag to knock her to the ground, Davis said.

    “They shot out the windows. They got her out. I saw the dogs come out and heard a lot of screams,” said resident Victor Rodriguez. “It was pretty intense.”

    The female driver, described as approximately 50 years old, has minor injuries and was taken to the hospital for examination.

    "The dogs were used to gain control of her," Davis said. "We're going to evaluate whether the dog actually bit her or not."

    The driver may possibly be involved in several incidents including the erratic driving, according to deputies.