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San Diego: Rudest City?

Looks like the surfer attitude can be a little off-putting to tourists



    San Diego: Rudest City?
    John Hull

    Looks like the surfer attitude can be a little off-putting to tourists.

    San Diego was recently ranked the 19th rudest city in the country by Travel and Leisure magazine.

    Readers ranked the cities based on the local’s attitudes and general city “vibe.”

    New York, Miami and Washington D.C. were among the worst offenders for rudeness.  In contrast, cities deemed the friendliest were dominated by the South. New Orleans, Savannah, Ga.  and Charleston, S.C. were considered the cities with the nicest people.

    The good news? America’s Finest City was ranked the best place to visit for spring break. Thanks to great tourist attractions such as Sea World and Legoland, it’s also considered a wonderful place to take a family vacation.

    And while San Diego might not have made it to the top of the friendly charts, it made up for it by being voted the best weather—obviously. You’d think all that sunshine would make city residents a little friendlier.

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