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Padres Wish Manager Bud Black "Happy Birthday"



    Monday is manager Bud Black's 57th birthday, even though he tried to keep that information from his team. Thankfully, NBC 7’s Derek Togerson spilled the beans. (Published Monday, June 30, 2014)

     The Padres start a 3-game series against the Reds Monday night at Petco Park. Baseball is a statistics-driven game, and Friars fans will be happy to know the numbers point to a Padres win. Well, one number in-particular:

    The number 57.

    Monday is Manager Bud Black's 57th birthday, and during his managerial career, the team is 5-1 on his birthday. Even though he doesn't let anyone know it's his birthday.

    Watch the video above to find out who Bud would trust to make his birthday cake.