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Filner Guilty of 3 Criminal Charges in Sex Scandal

San Diego Leaders React to Filner Allegations

Allegations range from isolating and propositioning constituents in his office to telling an employee she would do a better job if she worked without “panties”



    San Diego Leaders React to Filner Allegations
    Filner greeting supporters at the Pride Celebration Sunday, July 14, 2013.

    A compilation of some of the statements and reaction generated by recent allegations made against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner.

    All statements have been published in full in our special section: Mayor Under Fire.

    You can also read Mayor Filner's statement here or watch his videotaped message here.

    U.S. Rep. Susan Davis:
    “The mayor’s lack of understanding of the debilitating effects of sexual harassment, intimidation, and bullying is an affront to all."

    Councilmember Kevin Faulconer:
    “Unfortunately there's a whole host of legal questions we will be dealing with. Our City Attorney will be making sure we’re doing the right thing.”

    Chief of Police William Lansdowne on investigating allegations of sexual harassment:
    “If we knew who to talk to, we would talk to them,” “But we don't know, and no one is telling us.”

    Councilmember Mark Kersey:
    “There must be a full investigation of these claims. We have a responsibility to ensure that no city worker remains silent out of fear.”

    Filner Supporter: "This Is Not Due Process"

    [DGO]Filner Supporter: "This Is Not Due Process"
    Jane Ralden, M.D., spoke in defense of Filner on Monday morning, saying he deserves to face his accusers in court.
    (Published Monday, July 15, 2013)

    Councilmember Scott Sherman:
    “…Over the last two months it has become increasingly clear that the people’s business is unable to move forward with you at the helm of city government.”

    Chula Vista City Councilmember and former Assemblymember Mary Salas:
    "I'm really disappointed. I feel like it's imperative for Bob to resign. It's become apparent to me that his behavior is beyond boorish and beyond inappropriate."

    State Senator Marty Block:
    “The grave and horrific allegations against Mayor Bob Filner are shocking and disgusting, and I extend my deep sympathies and concern to any victims. If these charges are true, Mayor Filner should resign immediately.”

    U.S. Rep. Scott Peters
    " is absolutely clear that the Mayor will be unable to give the job the full attention it requires, nor will he have the credibility required to be the best and strongest advocate for the causes the voters elected him to champion."