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San Diego Kids Shedding the Pounds

Obesity rate in San Diego drops, while local leaders urge more weight loss



    San Diego Kids Shedding the Pounds

    Local kids are slimming down, a recent study said.

    Obesity rates for San Diego children dropped almost 4 percent in the past five years, according to the California Center for Public Health Advocacy.

    Researchers used data collected from California Physical Fitness Tests taken at schools. The most recent data available from 2010 found the obesity rate in San Diego County to be 34.4 percent.

    The loss is a trend in California, the study showed. Overall, 26 counties had a decrease in obesity rates, according to a statement from county officials.

    Despite the achievement, SD County Superintendent William Kowba called on schools Wednesday to incorporate more vigorous physical education to their regimen and improve school nutrition.

    Kowba was joined by military personnel in discussing a report called “Unfit to Fight,” which claims that California’s obesity rates pose a threat to national security, since obesity is the number one reason why young adults are unable to serve in the military, according to a statement.

    He was joined by military personnel at the Sandburg Elementary School Playground to present the report.

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