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Our City Is Bigger Than We Thought

The win has been nearly a decade long in the making



    Our City Is Bigger Than We Thought
    john hull

    As if the weather and the beaches weren’t good enough, today there’s yet another reason why we're proud to be a San Diegans.

    Today, new population findings seem to show that the city has become the 8th largest in the nation, beating Dallas, Texas for the spot. There’s just one thing, we could have been bragging about that for the last decade.

    According to the Census Bureau , San Diego has been ahead of Dallas every year since 2000 and has had the 8th spot just behind San Antonio since 2001. The findings came after revisions were made to previous population estimates for 2008.

    This year’s estimates show that the city with the biggest population is New York City with 8,391,881 residents. That's followed by Los Angeles with 3,831,868 residents and Chicago, in third place, with a population of 2,851,268.